Slingsby T67M200 Firefly – Policies

Policies Slingsby T67M200

Height: maximum of 6’ 6″ (198 cm) 

Weight: maximum of 250 lbs (113kg) – based on parachute limits.
Note – Our Height/Weight Limits are also proportional to one another.
If a participant is at or near the max weight and less than 6’6″ tall
(example 249lbs and 5’9″), please call our office to discuss further.

We must ensure we have available space for full maneuverability of the
control stick in the front cockpit and also be able to attach the 5-pt harness
in order to fly. 

Physical Restrictions: Must be able to physically get in and out of aircraft
without assistance.
 Medical fitness is the responsibility of the customer:
Consult your physician with any fitness, medical or nutritional concerns.
• Nausea medication is acceptable just prior to your mission provided you
have consulted a physician concerning the use of such a product as a
passenger aboard an aerobatic aircraft.