PPL Plus Course (PPL+)

PPL Plus Course (PPL+)

At Test and Training Centre we cater for all levels of experience; from those who have never flown before to those who have a Commercial Pilot License.

Our special PPL Plus+ course is intended for all pilots with a PPL who want to be instructed by our high skilled formal military pilots to:

• Improve their handling skills and confidence.
• Increase safety.
• Learn advanced handling techniques

This PPL Plus+ course is a short course that contains 5 hours flying plus 5 hours ground tuition. It is special designed to encourage and enable all the PPL holder to expand their flying skills to increase safety. The course will be flown in our Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

PPL Plus+ Training Missions Included.

• Circuit revision, including short/soft field operations and crosswind handling.
• Stalling revision.
• Constant aspect forced landing technique (as taught by the RNLAF).
• Maximum rate turns.
• Handling an Engine Failure After Take Off (EFATO).